no more we

by Sean Kilpatrick

Cy Twombly

each morn we slither reborn
from escort suns
towering ginger poon
a Lyme disease pronoun
anything plural is unforgivable

we are animals chased forever
by reloading caca
Gundam splats hissing fey
squat boinkers in the rah-rah
double down on none get laid
we evolved from piss inside a lobster

photosynthesis sprang a dang environment
the gap between transitions spent
designed outside time
we’re what our pinworms mine
baby-lorded proof of strife
an escaped cramp pooped on kites

our gallbladders come from soot
booty slack peepshow pouring through
gloryholes on the moon an alien formality
snout against trawl spiked like loot

mankind’s a big top fertilizer
culled from lopsided wizardry
we are rife with amenities
so ladies won’t amscray
but they did anyway
they spat in our air conditioners
and we liked it
worship the blowback

we put a varnish
on our abject obliviousness
varmints in denial
exonerated nigh

eloping with his hemorrhoids
reciting chemo and sarsaparilla
parsing dung into Shinola
to kiss the compass on its void
a farmer teething the machinery of lakes
settles scythe to cuticle
the hiccoughing Gaul
biked inside a hospital
where ink-drunk parvenus
tailgate him to the loo
corduroys beeping
off-guardedly he rose
to touch his scalp to those
plankton so arraigned
like another crapped terrain
his daughter reading Milton to the crops
karate-chops gore beneath a cow
and keys the wind into a chore
her lips run right off her head
she wets the bed in stereo
the farmer rides his residency like a shrine
where hunters used to hide
and misses men

the architect fucks
shadows of his draft
into a sun dial edifice
cucullated tetanus
Cthulhu on the rag
an innovative nag
minus sign horizon
on his back a million flies holding Oscars
with the plumbing of their handshakes
reevaluate rounds for Fortnite
blotting the roster

a doctor is nothing more
than a serial killer in drag
cystoscope with a brambling fan
androids hungry for a tan

the censor exhausts causes
with the bloated scythe
scribbling him alive
torpedoing limp ogive
heavyset caskets
dick hole thrush
measured in fuss
he owns the age

the critic is buzzard
to his own burial dress
pettily nestled in IQ
Harvard bench press
pettifogging kazoo
he contributes malnutrition
and stinks without volition
typhlotic quidnunc
a reprimand enfiladed
fellation remanded
tarantula endite
ineluctable smite

art is a parasite that offers visions
it remains unextractable regardless
of however poor a compensation
you may find the exchange
art is the religion religion bows to
always baptized against our will
baby’s first ceremony up the ass of goals
thrashing in the drink
indulge the splooge nudged from rue
art is a sneeze without the boundary of a head
bonking off in your toiletries
art is ‘take it or leave it’ in bright lights
commie mob vs. fascist might
those who hustle and thrive
all hate art
left right ding dongs
underwing penguins
epheboi fuck boy
bull cock water closet
teetotaler from athlete to lawyer
art is a big yes to death
raffle tall in ooh la la
buttressed falderal
all systems despise art even art
humming opposition to every theory
artists exist to breed feeds
down below where trash settles
the issues of the day look like frosting to us
empathy upside down
peed-casket sympathy
art is the tyranny of none, of cum
black-winged scone
eyelash in the milk
molested on silk
barebacking diamonds
autographed hymens

we’re just the mares beneath our craft
ants can dance on the calories of their collective tum
we gotta hate something to make more
we gotta toss our salad with a war
for greed for steed for ovulation ovation
we put the baby in chlorine
and flushed them both inside a scream
and here was art charcoaled tendrilous
rolling the contents of its diaper into a cigar

we very simply must
cherry pick our pus
and get thanked for trying

Sean Kilpatrick wrote Twitterfinder General and is published in Exquisite Corpse, evergreen review, Columbia Poetry Review, Fence, Nerve, Obsidian, and tragickal.

Artwork: "Empty Every Night" by David Becker