lullabies from hell encrypted slurs for all that’s well

by Sean Kilpatrick

life is a jump scare in slow motion
still-life of maggot vaulting to the trough
coloring itself in with cadaver runoff
just another starter kit cobbled out of self-defense
by buxom deities to spite their lotion
our carcinomas are a recompense
bloody wedding rings and haunted laundry
eternal cycles of sex imprint
on the trepanation sip
tumors knock anew
carved by halos’ raconteur
scrawny fork for an aperçu
the point-based origins of language
a bowtie widget tomahawk sandwich
make that this
make that (other property) (over there)
this (property) (right here)
make that subject the object of my gimmie-get
that pivotal juncture in a nation’s history
when the holes in its flag
become the flag
our start-from-scratch supplants
the throat adapts its gag
we spool chaotically
uniforms on a spree
spider god pets fantasies
under pesticide skies
a nuance of kitsch fur
crumbling over the day
whispers while you’re spayed
counting rainbows in its guanocyte
each rung in the goliath athanasy
girl lobe dye-job
anthropod auntie-torrent
banging its clutch over outhouses
the first exhibit flung
into the museum of human potential
near a navel x marks the wet
skulls gobble hygienic rent
you whistle when you wipe
tooth stuck in the pipe
stock poison for porn fluff
wielding slag up its stuff
flubbing lines on the pyre
tallow flattered in a tire
the rubber-necklace differential
diner food the meat that moves
insides like tapioca on a spatula
as they’re opened
screeching foreign glories
slithering flaps of heart
every rapture has an ogive
every murdered tapestry as art
infants blossom ate alive
the world corrects a brat
spanked by what each eyelid shat
the apology is dead
ditto context nevermore
repents what graves are fed
a cause in all its gore
erase the username of dirt
we’ll dedicate our cancers first
to the same halo closing round
bones below a crown
parasites on a ramp
the pap smear as a kind of dance
people romp ruler to ruler
wet with sepulchers
endometria cleaved in clans
lungs come banned
collapsing scratch salivary dominion
calumnious for generations
a clammy length belt buckle deep
rotund gangrene chatting distichously
beauty subverts every environment
and effaces nature with
the phenomenon of composition
whomsoever pays tribute to beauty
may die in the lasso of its footprint

Sean Kilpatrick:

Image: Small White Hair Spider