by James Long

What did you need from me
When you took me there
It couldn't have just been to fuck a kid
It was something else
I don’t know what went in me
I rose above and behind us
It could have been your fingers
Your penis
One of those green plastic soldiers sold in big bags at K-Mart
The model rocket ships I built
It could have been revenge, hatred
Your lost innocence
Did you find it
Up a little boy’s ass
Did you pick the pieces 
From the blood and shit
Those first kisses
That groping in the back of your dad’s car
The transition from lust to something more
The first time you woke, naked and holding your lover
I hope it worked
I paid for it
I gave it to you

James Long lives in Denver, Colorado. He works for the state in HIV and STI treatment and prevention. He also works nights at Ross Dress for Less.

Image: Soldier