by John Trefry

the vista lattice is gross in its approximation of tepid chiaroscuro of asphalt with streetlight shadowcasting streetsign & the potentiality of a pedestrian umbra in the divergence of barren treebranch umbrage on the asphalt with beadlets that are not scalarly commensurate with the resolution of the expectation of shadowy figurations on asphalt with skidmarks struggling into its granularity, black leather vambrace, across billboard and treecanopy horizon is the gunblue dilution in dark stormcloud fluid over the rustorange tank of the fueltruck is turning right across a lane vacant of upstream traffic is halting with a prone motorcycle and the heel of a motorcycleboot lodging in front of the dual rearwheels and the opposite motorcycle boot is ecstatically pressing on the wheelhub for leverage is not removing the foot is crushing under the tire, mutable intensities of illumination and spectra of surfacehue are percolating through the nodules of graphemic media—What Streetsigns are Conventionally Diamondshape—tumescently in the highgloss convexity of the black motorcycle helmet dome the irregular rustorange quadrilateral is expanding with vertices in increasing resolution in possession of the appearance of filleting is encircling the rustorange shape jitteringly jarring into the laying down motorcycle skidding a reflection of asphalt into the black dome glomingly gluing the aggregate and tarmatrix topology to the fueltruck topology to the skidding motorcyclist topology vectoring endlessly through the nonvanishing continuous tangent vector field of the interminably tumbling manifold, highvelocity across the navmesh straightline across its filigree weavingly around the gold sedan idling beneath the infrared broadcastboom toward the broadside of a wide rightturning fueltruck, redorange motorcycle gauntlets with lowrelief of dull metal discs over the metacarpals are sliding palm down across the large closeup aggregate of asphalt behind the motorcycle with pale blue fueltank is sliding across the asphalt under the tires and high black mudguard, dead tree canopy phalanges, curbcut, semitrailer landinggear, the streetsign is a square 45° off of normal being an admonition—of curvaceous roadway or dangerous intersections or steep gradations or the presence of livestock or general roadway conditions—or is indicative of construction—the presence of laborers or the closure of throughways—or a component of an incident management strategy, the knee of abrasion resistant trousers is fraying, square, circle, ellipse, blurriness, rhombus, around the pinching beamwaist of racing illumination is elongating the spermatazoon, contrail, square, the edges around the percolation media are flickering with the passage of apparent hues although nodules are remaining an ambivalent hue emptyset where the occupation of its edges by the antumbral hue corona is overtaking the occult facet of the nodule with downy coma of sublimating substances—iodine, iron chloride, phthalic anhydride, blood, anthracene, ferrocene, graphite, gold, lithium, mercury, tellurium—, in the blur of trauma—witnessing or participation in the destruction of autovehicular homicide—is the palliative discovery of a superhue the coloration of lugubriously creamy tea washing between and across the media of percolation washing out the entirety of the scenic animation with dull warm fluid plasma coloration, the ruby dual lattice with 0.582410 percolation threshold, the probability is shifting from the primarily steely bluesky and sunochre asphalt to rustorange skidding toward the fueltruck,

a man in a black tracksuit is teetering to his feet up from the asphalt—blankly absent of meshtracks is an emptiness indicative of the voronoi—is in value of blackishness merging with the central of three doublecircuit trusstowers diagonals is stumbling away from a windshield lying on the dull asphalt is limpidly reflecting the sky, a small dumptruck is turning right from the through street of the T intersection is sweeping its white headlights through the uniform luminance of the overcast vista and out of the vista ahead of a small black offroad auto turning left, trees bristly and foamy in their filtering of the cloudless sky far in the distance at the horizon are dead and colorless, yield, an equilateral triangle with one edge horizontal and the third vertex pointing down, dull black structural members of the waveringly turning doublecircuit trusstowers are crossing and driftingly merging with the restless perspective nodding is causing the inability of establishing which members are in the foreground and which in the background are gently interlacing on each trusstower is of slightly different composition and proportion—on the basis of where their prefabrication segmentations are occurring—with all varieties of triangle, even in the combinative presence of irregular quadrilaterals & other ngons with knowledge that performance of a truss is optimally employing triangular translation of loading—the symmetrical nature of trusses is insuring the presence of isosceles, although verifying the presence of an equilateral triangle in the truss webs is impossible—a triangle is equilateral only to the geometer constructing it with a compass & straightedge—in the moire morass of foreshortening into ambiguous collections of polygons, the energy of the spinning black sedan is centrifugally forcing a man in a black tracksuit out of the flapping driverside door onto the asphalt—a fourcolor beadquilt of warm grays reintegrating the creeping formmaking of the cumulonimbus dewpoint—onto his shoulderblades rollingly in the opposite direction of the auto spinning upright into sitting and lifting himself to his feet amidst fragmentation of black plastic, distant gooseneck downlight arrayals atop poles each with a numerical signage cube at the midpoint height—those visible are 10 & 14 & 76—amidst a grid of milkglass ellipsoids atop the flaring bobèches of slender black posts, treefoam treesponge treemegascleres treespicule, nothing in the sky is not tree, janusface signage in equilateral triangular footprint arrangement is announcing the expansion of frontier dwelling "massives contactperson" 'Steve Choikhit'," an equilateral triangle with an intuitively red border that in actuality is "black magic"—a charcoal valuation of a rich golden hue—and the apparent actual manifestation of redness is dull "cab sav" is emblematic of the general dullness of the overcast vista, a white or silver—or any hue tintingly lighter in value & thinly pale in saturation is indistinguishable from any other in the overall lack of hue, hatchback is speeding into the vista and is not stopping is ramming the rearwing of a black sedan is cutting across the through street of the T intersection spinning in reversal of its forward momentum that is throwing open its driverside door,

1 count of tramway rollingstock or chassis to 5024 kg of sago pith; 1g of hide powder to 3 kg of rough rice; 7 m2 of bird skin to 1kg of aluminum; 281 mg silver to 1 count of frozen stomach; 1 kg magazines to 3 count of removeable insoles; 1 m2 maps and hydrographic or similar charts of all kinds to 270 mL enamels or lacquers; 1 count of footwear with natural fabric uppers to 255 g vegetal poultices; 1 count of centrifuges to 350 kg wheat; 1 count of pump gaiters avec or sans vulcanization to 340 g salsify; 3.2 L red vermouth to 1 count of baby carriages; 1 kg rubber avec or sans vulcanization to 5.8 kg chamotte or grog; 1 count of autocycles to 43 kg of men's capes; 35 kg Jerusalem artichokes to 100 mL sulfuric acid; 1 L propane to 230 count of cigarillos; 1 kg sweet potatoes in pellets to 30 cm2 rubber gasket sheeting; 1 count of seats or chairs except dentist or barber to 67 kg gypsum; 25 g homogenization of tobacco to 1 m cinematograph filmstock whether or not incorporating soundtrack or consisting only of soundtrack; 10 g polypropylene to 387 m2 pamphlets whether or not in single sheets; 230 kg sugar no.10 to 1 count of autochassis for workvehicles; 137 count of men's bathrobes or dressing gowns to 1 count of machines for agglomerating or shaping or moulding earth pastes; 874 mL printing ink to 1 kg wheat gluten; 394 count of walking sticks to 1 count of men's overcoats; 62 mL spirits of more than 80% abv to 1 m2 float glass; 1 kg corn to 32 kg borax; 46 kg tobacco refuse to 1 kg figs; 1 count whips to 13 L groundnut oil without production via chemical modification; 122 kg silk waste to 100 m3 ceramic cladding; 1 count of umbrellas to 21 L large pickles; 1 count of signaling flares to 8 mL purification of terephthalic acid; 6 kg nettles to 1 count men's topboots; 425 g margarine to 1 g zinc; 1 g nickel to 39 kg flower cuttings; 1 mL fluoride to 25 g molybdenum; 1 count of explosive igniters to 439 g natural graphite; 7 count of fog signals to 1 count of machine tools for working wood or cork or bone; 37 kg fresh flowers to 1 L palm oil; 1299 kg tomatoes to 1 count of feeder cows; 401 count pairs of Wellingtons to 1 count of lean hog; 436,460 count of leggings to 1 count of tanks and other fighting vehicles with reinforcement of armor; 1 kg kohlrabi to 13 L crustaceans in brine; 35 g imitation jewelry to 1 L spirits of less than 80% ABV; 1 g coffee to 48 g beeswax; 1 kg shallots to 56 kg horsehair; 1 kg turnips to 37 m2 photographic paper; 1 kg edible meat offal to 19 count of hats from the assembly of strips of any material; 4 kg gum arabic to 1 m2 dress patterns; 14 L tung oil to 1 count of women's smocks; 1 L ethanol to 58 L enzymatic preparations for pretanning; 1 count of lathes for removing metal to 170 kg grapes; 2,014,492 count of bear paws to 1 count of nuclear reactors; 1 count of machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material to 22 m3 lumber; 1 L gas to 29 count of wigs; 1 count of women's bib and brace overalls to 35 kg powder of dry vegetables; 51 mg platinum to 1 count of autochassis with battery array; 41 kg salt to 1 count of women's bathrobes; 22 L gherkins to 1 m2 textiles of human hair; 1 g andalusite to 64 kg aquatic invertebrates other than crustaceans and molluscs; 3515 kg raw ceramic hearth tiles to 1 count of tramway coaches; 1 count pairs of footwear with synthetic soles and uppers to 26 count of men's windcheaters; 1 count of women's ankle length skirts to 1 count of veils; 1 kg feathers and down to 57 kg flower rhizomes; 22 kg potatoes to 1 m2 adhesive plasters; 111 g titanium oxide to 1 L ale from rice; 29 m2 stamping foil to 1 kg soybeans; 100 g paper matches to 35 L imitation eggs; 100 mg palladium to 147 kg crustacean meal; 14 kg glass for spectacles to 1 L pine oil; 125 mL tobacco essence to 1 kg chlorine; 1 kg manioc to 48 kg oats; 194 count of mattress supports to 1 count of straddle carriers; 87 kg rapeseed to 1 kg peel of citrus fruit; 105 kg sulfuric onions to 1 count of men's coveralls; 146 m3 porphyry whether or not in blocks or rectangular and including square shape to 1 count of mobile liftingframes; 1 count of bayonets and similar armaments to 271 g xanthan; 54 count of unisex municipal track suits to 1 mL engobes; 25 m2 floor coverings in plastic to 1 mg sertraline; 1 count of bird brooders to 51 kg linear low density polyethylene in granules; 67 L small pickles to 1 count of women's overcoats; 1 kg wool to kg 87 lime or cement; 1 L human blood to 3 kg tin; 10 count of hat forms to 100 g frozen concentrations of orange juice; 11 m2 safety glass to 1 m3 modular buildings; 1 count of live cows to 67 L color lakes; 51 kg soybean meal to 1 count of corsets; 1 kg raw iron pyrites to 11 kg salad beetroot; 32 m2 photographic plates to 1 count of truncheons; 34 g silkworm cocoons to 1 g burnt umber; 1 m2 sails for boats to 28 kg women's blouses; 100 g glands and their secretions in powder to 29 kg women's petticoats; 1 count of sand blasting machines to 2609 m monofilament of which any dimension is less than 1 millimeter; 1 kg lemons to 1175 count of surgical staples; 291 m3 quartz whether or not in blocks or rectangular and including square shape to 1 count of furnace burners for liquid fuel; 1 kg cullet and other waste and scrap of glass to 589 g semiprecious dust; 1 m monofilament of which any dimension is exceeding 1 millimeter to 6 kg red wheat; 1 kg chalk to 4 kg glazier's putty; 14 count of rain rockets to 1 g cut aquamarine; 11 count of women's blazers to 1 count of revolvers and pistols; 12 count of autotrucknuts to 1 kg meat wadding; 1 L heating oil to 188 kg molluscs; 1 kg cheroots to 14 count of glass inners for vacuum flasks; 18 m2 photographic film to 1 kg sugar no.14; 24 kg cobalt to 1 g tea; 227 kg rice to 1 count of sewing machines; 1 kg scrap twine to 8 m2 collages and similar decorative plaques; 1 count of aggregate crushers to 1156 count of duck eggs; 1893 count of heel cushions to 1 L cow milk; 336 m2 tarpaulins to 1 count of deburring machines; 16 objects of anatomical interest to 1 count of goat milking machines; 18 L fungal pickles to 1 m pulley tackle; 1 m2 stationery to 5 kg false beards; 330 g lead to 1 m2 bed linen; 235 kg copper to 1 count of isotope separators; 179 L icemelt and snowmelt to 1 kg artificial flowers; 27 kg propellent powders to 1 kg cotton; 681 kL goat milk to 1 count of steam turbines and other vapor turbines; 76 kg leeks to 1 count of men's anoraks; 41 g spermaceti to 1 g resin cements; 1 g tobacco to 169 g duck albumin derivatives; 1 count of tramway maintenance service vehicles to 18,083 kg fluorspar; 8 kg canola to 1 count of virgin postage; 15 L mustard oil to 1 count of men's suit jackets; 1 kg cigars to count of 132 lace or felt hats; 186 kg cabbages to 1 count of spotlights or searchlights; 1 kg lactuca sativa to 12 L crude oil; 19 m3 asphalt to 1 kg brassieres; 108 g amber to 1 count of postcards with inscriptions; 1 count of women's car coats to 328 L seawater; 1 count of invalid autocarriages to 588 kg angle iron; 178 g pthalo green to 1 g cocoa; 7 kg degras to 1 L soybean oil; 48 kg spring wheat to 1 L natural gas; 1 m2 eiderdowns to 171 kg human hair; 1 L mead to 86 m chinstraps for headgear; 3 kg false eyebrows and eyelashes to 10 g wool grease including lanolin; 2 L sheep milk to 1 g mica splittings; 29 kg ceramic statuary to 1 m2 gauze; 1 count of auto earthmovers to 2 km scabbards and sheaths; 1 count of autotext autotypers to 13 kg asbestos; 1 g gold to 339 mL liquid lustres; 1 count of men's windjackets to 44 count of electric detonators; 1 kg melons to 384 g agar agar bricks; 218 kg products suitable for use as glues or adhesive to 1 m2 wall coverings in plastics; 1 kg men's cloaks to 45 count of landmines and similar munitions; 1 mL natural honey to 119 kg mittens; 1 L nonrefractory surface preparations to 22 m seat sticks; 24 kg bear phallus to 1 kg quicklime,

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with a preference for the most remotely impersonal execution of the hog that is consistent with daemonic strictures of husbandry and abattoir etiquette, HE—through the involvement of tortuous convolutions in his sprawling avoidance of any straightforward modalities—is embracing the experimental euthanasia methodology of biochemically active nanoparticle injection into a pedicle archway of the small pig's vertebrae, the banefully proliferant package delivery upon the relative torrent of influxing capillary fenestration is leeching into the cerebrospinal fluid, this specious diffusion of responsibility is satisfactory to HIM, with the mercurial nature of death in this execution method the executioner's presence is unlikely with the hog dying mysteriously from the catalyzation and reaction of tiletamine and xylazine in his ependymal canal, the small pig is not dying, HE is requisitioning the construction of a carbon dioxide euthanasia chamber, the ersatz finishcarpenter Denari—or Denira—is honing planks of barnwood down through troughs of wormtrack devourment for the removal of checking and wracking imperfections for deeply dipping each plank in gesso—his own concoction of wallboard pulverization and rehydration of urea isolation prills from swine urine—prills of his own spherification in a "massive" stairwell full of rainwater and lacking its stairs—this rind of gesso is drying and receiving a preparation of dampeningly adhesive sizing from steeping the puckery dermis of a great gray raybird for the reception of goldfoil contraband candy wrappers gilding, application of anaerobic impregnant sealant to the joints of the chamber, the measurements of the rectangularly prismatic euthanasia chamber 76.708 cm x 42.672 cm x 50.038 cm are a constraint of the available lumber and joinery preferences rather than the dimensions of the hog—the dimensions are of such unsuitability that the executioner is forcing the small pig’s head down between his forelegs and snapping the costrachondal junctions of his fore and aft ribs and fully fracturing fully the more conspicuous midsection ribs—liberating the marrow for a more luxurious broth—compressing him under a lid with a sheetcork gasket, a two way vacuumhood over a portal on the lid of the chamber for the exchanging of common atmosphere for pure CO2 with a flowrate of 20% per airchange, at 20% CO2 the hog is frantically scrambling for liberation with bounding pulsation of the blood, at 40% CO2 the hog is gasping in exhaustion his pallor is mottling, at 60% CO2 the hog is gasping in asphyxiation with irregular pulsation of the blood, at 80% CO2 the hog is delicately asterixically paddling his trotters, at 100% CO2 full hypercapnic asphyxiation is successful, the small pig is not dying, his bloodgas not reaching the fatal 10kPa threshold is traceable to the alveolar content and especially buoyant skincells of the great gray ray is allowing for breathability of the gesso on the chamber, the executioner is lifting the lid from the chamber is startling awake the small pig from his hypoxic stupor wrackingly throwing his great snout upward is kissing the limp daylight of the pineforest through the high abattoir window startling the executioner is lifting the hog and flipping it trotters up he is squealing and shallowly arching his spine contrary to porcine resting posture maximizing the representation of his anguish & terror to a radius on the basis of the pronouncement of the dorsal spinous processlets are radiating inward to collision—bone scraping bone is a gristling of extreme agony—he is shrieking for HER embrace and with great frustration throwing him onto the concrete floor, the hog lying on his side with a trotter limply gesturing his resignation is gazing absently plaintive through narrow lashes of his left eye or kicking the small pig over and on his knees in the basement abattoir the executioner is beating the small pig in the skull with a small hammer,

John Trefry is an architect in Lawrence, Kansas.

Image: Bear-Gymnast Kiss